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The Drupal Remote Dashboard (DRD) is the one and only solution that provides a non-intrusive insight into any number of remote Drupal sites without the need of any third party service.
No matter where the Drupal sites are hosted and regardless of any configuration or deployment specifics, the DRD is able to monitor and manage them all at once.
Download DRD Agent
The dashboard is build for Drupal 8, the monitored remote sites are supported on Drupal 6, 7 and 8. DRD Agent is simply a wrapper to receive, route, handle and respond to requests from authorised Drupal Remote Dashboards. Just download and enable the module and everything else will be managed by DRD.
DRD is a very powerful tool. Made for Drupal agencies, freelancers, site builders and even Drupal site owners. DRD enables you to monitor and manage all in one place. You can handle a large amount of remote Drupal sites with less effort and in a fast manner.
  • all in one place
  • secure
  • well documented
  • actively maintained
  • growing

Learn about dependencies, features and maintainers and how you could get involved/engaged

All DRD specific terms explained in one single place

Describing the data model and how DRD collects and manages all of its data

The first question one should ask before installing monitoring components of any kind, is there any information disclosure to third parties

It's really simple to get started with DRD, you should be up and running in minutes.

There isn't really much you need to configure for DRD. Add hosts and cores, DRD collects the rest automatically.

Most Drupal sites are hosted on platforms like Acquia, Pantheon, Platform.sh or others. DRD integrates with those platform nicely.

DRD integrates with other contrib modules

A collection of does and donts like e.g. setting up cron tabs.

How to enhance DRD and how to contribute.

This is what we're planning after the 3.0 release for Drupal 8 has been published, in no particular order.

What to do if there is a problem.

DRD is actively maintained and supported by the following organizations and individuals. We're looking for feedback and contributors all the time. Feel free to get in touch and get involved.